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Are You A Doomsday Prepper Or A Survivalist?!

Dooms Day Prepper is probably a more harsh term than survivalist or outdoorsman.        

There is no denying COVID 19 has had a dramatic impact on our world no matter who or where you are! Before quarantine and stay at home orders became common household worlds were you prepared? Do you wish you would've been if you weren't? Some were, certain individuals we call doomsday preppers, survivalists, etc. About 35% of American were prepared for the worst. I don't know about you but we believe that number should be higher! That's where we come in! 

Doomsday Preppers Basic List 

  • Get Your Home Ready For Two Weeks Of Self-reliance.

  • Be Ready To Leave Your Home In A Moment's Notice (Bug Out Bags).

  • Prepare For Emergencies That Happen Out Side The Home (Get Home Bags And Every Day Carry).

  • Learn Core Skills and Practice With Your Gear.

  • Build Solid Personal Finance And Health Foundation. 

  • Share And Recruit While Continuing To Learn And Going Beyond The Basics. 

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    Doomsday Preppers or Survivalists? What's the Difference?!

    There are two supreme differences between survivalists and preppers – skills and stuff. ... Preppers plan to be stationary, only leaving their bugin or bugout location as a last resort. A survivalist only considers remaining in one place if that place they happen to live is remote with sustainable natural resources. Survivalists tend to live “off the grid” 

    Off The Grid Living, What does it mean? 

    Typically off the grid living means living in the wilderness with no dependency on modern technology. This includes without electrical grids, hence “off the grid.” Within the US there are many states that allow you to live off the grid from Maine, Arizona, Texas, and Montana to name a few. Most individuals live off the grid to give them self independence. They use the surrounding area to sustain, them as far as food with gardens and wild animals. 

    Doomsday Prepper Or Survivalist?! All In Conclusion

    Like the saying goes it's better to be safe than sorry! I hope you learned the importance of being prepared for the unpredictable future, and you take advantage of this information because we are here to help! LETS GET PREPARED!!!