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Preppers Supplies

Prepper supplies are a wide variety of items that are especially important in the event of a disaster. Now this list can vary greatly depending on where you find your information. Some of the important basics include food, water, personal hygiene, personal protective equipment, and some special tools. Depending on the situation such as if you're staying at your current location or intend on moving also affects what supplies you are going to need.

The Must Haves In A Preppers Supplies List


Long term emergency food, seeds, etc.                                               


Bottled, rain barrel, etc.                

Personal Hygiene and safety

First aid kit, oral hygiene, etc.

Personal Protective Equipment

Goggles, ear plugs, etc.

Important Tools

Heat source, flashlight, etc.

Prepper Supplies Have To Include A Good "Bug Out Bag."

A bug out bag is also known to be called a go bag, INCH bag, 72hour kit, emergency kit, etc. These bags are packed bags that are there in the event you ever are in a situation where you need to leave your location immediately. The good and well bag news is there is not “ultimate bug out bag.'' Preparing a list in what supplies are necessary to pack is much longer than what you can actually take. The task can be daunting especially if you’re only considering one or two scenarios. The purpose of a bug out bag is to serve as an emergency kit that carries supplies that are most useful in the widest range of scenarios! In most prepper advice they break down supplies into categories of Level 1, 2, and 3. They all share the same supplies of: first aid kit, tent, potable water, and ready to eat food.

Packing Food Is An Important Part Of Prepper Supplies.... But There’s So Much More!

 Obviously packing food is important and should absolutely be a priority! You need to make sure that you’re thinking of EVERYTHING! There's lists upon lists of critical things to have stockpiled beyond food. Again, everyone is different and so are there needs! A list of non-food supplies include pain medication, lighters, duct tape, and hand sanitizer. 

Preppers Supplies... In Conclusion 

Obviously there's plenty of items you should have in your prepper supplies gear. But these items are the most basic and important supplies you can have to ensure you are fully prepared!